6/12 – Pangbourne and Goring

Pangbourne Jackpot! It’s always a bit speculative to go somewhere for the first time and just plot a route using OS maps. In truth the UK countryside is generally brilliant but sometimes it just works out better than others. Pangbourne turned out to be just beautiful. The choice to go to Pangbourne was pretty random. … Read more

Cheltenham Hills

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to run in Cheltenham. With friends there, we make the trip several times a year (pre-COVID) and I just love to get out into the Cotswolds early in the morning and take in the local beauty. The trails are a great mix of fields, forests and … Read more

5/12 – London to Brighton (2nd half) 50k

Sometimes you just have to go for it. Sometimes the challenge is just bigger than anything you’ve done before and you don’t know if you’re ready for it. This is how it was for Cally. This was also our first ‘proper’ instalment of our annual adventures challenge thanks to COVID lockdown easing. The event was … Read more

Run to London

With the 50k looming we needed to get a long one in. In part for the miles and “time on feet” and in part to test the state of recovery of Cally’s knee injury. The route follows the Wandle trail to the Thames and then follows the Thames path on the South bank to London … Read more

4/12 – The Leith Hill / Hurtwood Not Half

Back in January Cally picked up a knee injury after pushing herself to her first ever half marathon on the hilly, muddy North Dows Way run. This is an ITB injury which has dogged her ever since. ITB strains are a devil and typically manifest as pain on the outer knee and take months to … Read more

3/12 – NDW Guildford to Box Hill

Yet an another COVID restricted outing but one which took in a beautiful stretch of the North Downs Way (NDW) on a sunny March Saturday morning – what more could you ask? We set off from home around 6am in two cars leaving one at the finish in the Box Hill car park. It was … Read more

2/12 – Greensand Way and NDW

With a strong lockdown still in effect our second outing had to be local. We have a great routine running from Reigate Hill with it’s excellent coffee hut so there was no need to look elsewhere for our February base. What we did want to do was mix it up a bit so we plotted … Read more

Sunday on Saturday

We generally do our weekend run on Sunday but with the prospect of a proper freeze and snow we decided to get it done on Saturday. Nothing fancy. Just a slightly extended loop around our local Reigate Hill complex. We started in the mist but were treated to the sun breaking through along the way. … Read more

1/12 – North Downs Way – Reigate to Boxhill and back

This was a big deal for Cally. First ever half marathon in freezing, muddy and hilly conditions. We’ve had to adapt for COVID and the planned Guildford to Dorking is on hold. This was a natural replacement route as it is super local. It’s also one of my favourites and takes in a great stretch … Read more

10 For Sunday

Just getting out for a chilled Sunday 10k. Looks like we might to the Jan run next weekend. With lockdown #3 in place, we are going even more local and plan to the Reigate to Boxhill and back along the North Downs way for 13miles (21km).