SDW100 2024 – 3rd time’s a charm

This was a big deal for me. Having failed to get past the halfway aid station at 54miles in the previous 2 years I’d given myself one more chance to get this done. Race Day Details Route: South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne, 100 miles. Elevation gain: 12700ft (3800m) Start Time: 06:00, Saturday, June … Read more

Running in Cape Town

Although I was not born in CT, I still consider myself a Capetonian. If you ever live here for a bit you would understand why and do the same. It’s a special place. This trip was initiated after we discovered that my 84 year old father had a large brain tumour and needed an op. … Read more

London Marathon 2021

Can running nothing but slow trail miles lead to a decent marathon performance? This was the question on my mind leading up to London. I would soon find out… 3rd Oct 2021 was a much deferred run. I’d won the place in the club ballot at the Christmas party in 2019 and was thrilled at … Read more

Dan’s Beer Run – 2021

The Idea Hell of a thing this. Where to start? Last year I was introduced to the idea of a beer run when Simon staged his looping run. This was 5x 10k laps where each lap comprised two 5k loops where you drink a beer at the start of each loop + at the end … Read more

Farnborough Half

This one just sort of popped into the calendar. A month or two back Tom mentioned he was running this. I asked Cally if she was keen and received a non-negative response so I jumped on it and signed us up. While we gave done several runs together at half marathon distance or more, Cally … Read more

The North Downs Way Marathon

A surprise entry Three weeks before the race I received a “Dear runners” email. Wait what!? I’d forgotten that entries from last year’s cancelled race were automatically forwarded to this year and had put it completely out of mind. In 2020 I’d run this solo for my 12in12 July run. It is about as local … Read more