Inspired by the 12in12in2020.com challenge which made for a year of great adventure Cally & I planned a monthly run in 2021. It turned out to be a brilliant idea and we loved combining a getaway with a run to discover the countryside in a new location.

We took a break from the monthly goal in 2022 but did plenty of running nonetheless. We re-ignited the plan in 2023 after actually missing the monthly cadence and focus on getting away which the monthly targets provided.

The best part is enjoying the run together.

The goal: Run a route each month of around 10-13 miles (16-21km) built around a weekend away. We hope to be able to explore the length and breadth of the UK. Oh, and essential to the plan is a coffee stop just before or near the route end and/or a pub stop or two along the way 🙂 This is all about the fun of it.


“The Map” – its a real thing with real pins in it