3/12.23 – Wendover Woods

The March calendar was really full with trips to Norway (Cally skiing) and Paris (marathon) so we decided to keep it simple and close to home. Wendover Woods and the Chilterns more widely have been on my radar for some time. Centurion Running organise various events in Wendover woods and I have been keen to … Read more

2/12.23 – Deal to Broadstairs

This one was a bit rushed in the planning. Having recently got our adventure map I was keen to aim for a “four corners” set of runs. We had just finished our Friday run the week before and, sitting with our coffee at Junction 8, we just decided on Broadstairs as a destination – the … Read more

1/12.23 – Kingston to Richmond loop

After a busy spell of getting away for weekends over the Christmas period and early January we sort of ran out of road to get another away run in before the end of the month. So, we returned to an old favourite which blends coffee and retail therapy along with a modest distance for our … Read more

Running in Cape Town

Although I was not born in CT, I still consider myself a Capetonian. If you ever live here for a bit you would understand why and do the same. It’s a special place. This trip was initiated after we discovered that my 84 year old father had a large brain tumour and needed an op. … Read more

12/12 – Local beer run

Hot on the heels of our 11/12 in Boulder came this the final, very local, outing for the year. We quickly opted not to look for a weekend away and get the run in before Christmas frivolity got in the way. With beer runs a firm fixture of late it seemed appropriate to finish the … Read more

11/12 – Boulder, Colorado

Wow! So many things about this one attract superlatives. Our trip to Denver to spend thanksgiving with friends was by no means a certainty – we had made several gambles along the way but were thrilled to finally get on the plane and be in the USA again after such a long time. With our … Read more

10/12 The London One

The Route October ended up being quite a busy month and we just couldn’t see ourselves making a getaway for the run so we decided to go for a London adventure. It’s great to have this city so close by with its iconic landmarks and sights. As usual, I got out the trusty OS Maps … Read more

9/12 – New Forest

We had decided to take a week’s holiday in September so it was the perfect opportunity for the September run. We have been aiming for a coastal path run all year but once again just could not find accommodation – it seems 2021 is the year of the “staycation”. Fairly soon we ended up at … Read more

Dan’s Beer Run – 2021

The Idea Hell of a thing this. Where to start? Last year I was introduced to the idea of a beer run when Simon staged his looping run. This was 5x 10k laps where each lap comprised two 5k loops where you drink a beer at the start of each loop + at the end … Read more

8/12 – Thames Path loop from Kingston to Richmond

The diary seemed to be pretty stacked in August so we decided to keep it local and simple. I’ve had a few outings on the Thames path and was keen to go with Cally at some point – this was the ideal opportunity. Hampton Court makes for a good start/finish with parking at the station … Read more