1/12.23 – Kingston to Richmond loop

After a busy spell of getting away for weekends over the Christmas period and early January we sort of ran out of road to get another away run in before the end of the month.

So, we returned to an old favourite which blends coffee and retail therapy along with a modest distance for our year-opening session. The run started from the parking garage in Kingston and simply follows the Thames path to Richmond.

Things are pretty busy along this section of tow path not least with the ParkRunners taking part in the Kingston run. Soon enough we were at the Richmond bridge and took a load off a a great little coffee shop under the arches.

Suitably refreshed we headed back along the West bank downstream through Twickenham and Teddington where we crossed back over the Teddington Lock bridge.

Nothing more to it and before we knew it we were changed in in Caffe Nero for our second coffee with a croissant. Although a tame start it marks Cally’s second week in a row with a 1hr 45min run and sees her fitness and stamina growing. We are both currently on day 28 of a streak we aim to keep for the year.

All in all an excellent start to 2023.