1/12 – North Downs Way – Reigate to Boxhill and back

This was a big deal for Cally. First ever half marathon in freezing, muddy and hilly conditions. We’ve had to adapt for COVID and the planned Guildford to Dorking is on hold. This was a natural replacement route as it is super local. It’s also one of my favourites and takes in a great stretch … Read more

10 For Sunday

Just getting out for a chilled Sunday 10k. Looks like we might to the Jan run next weekend. With lockdown #3 in place, we are going even more local and plan to the Reigate to Boxhill and back along the North Downs way for 13miles (21km).  


This was one of our regular Sunday outings along Reigate Hill. The big difference today was the icy wonderland we found ourselves in. There has been a freezing fog overnight which still lingered and this had coated everything in layers of icicles. There was not much running as there were too many distracting opportunities to … Read more

Ranmore recce

This one was all about checking the coffee stop on Ranmore Common. Our plan for the January run is a section of the North Downs Way (NDW) from Guildford to Dorking and we are figuring out the start/finish logistics. Got to be sure the coffee stop cuts the mustard and we were pleased to find … Read more

Starting as we mean to go on…

Undeterred by the frigid intro to 2021, Cally & I set off on one of our favourite local loops. This run allows us several variations but is based squarely on the coffee hut “Junction 8” atop Reigate Hill. This run roughly represents our goal for the 12 runs: run, take it easy, enjoy it and … Read more